What’s involved in a Gel manicure?
Firstly nails are prepped – this includes pushing back cuticles, shaping nails, and any repairs that need to be carried out. A clear Base coat of gel is applied, followed by two coats of coloured gel, and then a top coat to finish.  No drying time is necessary as nails are cured in an LED lamp leaving you with a smudge-free manicure!  Finally cuticle oil is applied around the edges of the nails to keep the skin supple.

Can I have nail art applied to my Gel manicure?
Yes, Talullah Nails offer a range of nail art including Swarovski Crystals, gems, studs, glitters, pigments, and decals.

I am going on holiday and was wondering how long my Gel manicure or pedicure will last
Gel will last up to three weeks on fingers and approximately six weeks on toes depending on how well clients look after their nails.  Applying a clear coat of varnish regularly while on holiday will help to protect your Gel nails from sun cream, salt and chlorinated water.

Will the gel damage or dehydrate my nails?
There is no abrasive preparation, very minimal buffing and no priming of the nail,  so the natural nail will not be dehydrated or damaged in any way.

Is it easy to change my nail colour?
Yes, colour polish can be applied directly on top of your gel. The polish can be easily removed with Non-acetone Polish Remover, taking you back to your original gel colour. 

What’s involved in removing my gel manicure?

A small cotton pad is soaked in Acetone and placed directly onto the nail, before wrapping in foil and leaving for approximately 10 minutes. Alternatively, gel can be removed using an electronic file.  Only very fine drill bits are used during this process so as not to damage the natural nail.